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UBI Consulting LLC is Central Asian professional group providing services to customers across the public and private spectrum. UBI Consulting was established in response to the increasing rate of change in international development in all Central Asian countries. The company specializes in strategic studies, feasibility studies, and evaluation activities and project experience that each consultant brings to assignments and already worked in following countries: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.


UBI Consulting perceives international development as countries pursuing interests in growth beyond their own borders and involving the education of future generations. This requires the support of the respective government, major international development agencies, non-government organisations, corporate exchanges, and private citizens in developed and developing countries. Development agencies and private clients are requiring more flexible solutions to development problems and sharing of experience through new linkages between international consultants and domestic consultants in developing countries. UBI Consulting believes that development is increasingly a continuing learning process of collaboration between stakeholders contributing towards common goals. The company sees itself as a learning organisation that will continue to evolve and grow in response to changes in the environment affecting development. At the same time UBI Consulting is committed to providing local expertise and experience to its international partners to achieve best possible project outcomes.


The company’s senior staff and members have between them over a decade of experience in the development field in Central Asia, having worked on various projects funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank (WB), TACIS (a program of the European Union in Eastern Europe and Central Asia), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Management and support staff has an acknowledged track record in offering innovative and cost effective services in research, data collection and analysis, and stakeholder liaison.


UBI Consulting provides reliable information and meaningful analysis to help clients make decisions with confidence and of course to help clients to develop the processes and networking tools to improve their competitiveness not only in Central Asian business and social environment.

Mostly we are making different international alliances in order to participate on projects that organized by International Financial Institutes.


Our Culture

We want to build up and maintain a team culture that promotes the team spirit in our company and in all project teams. We respect ethical values, cultivate positive and constructive communication and are creating long-term prosperity for our employees and our company.


Partnership Strategy

We want to expand our Sales & Professional Services Partnership network both within Uzbekistan and Internationally. Normally we find the best available talent to join our team as long as needed for the project. We maintain Uzbekistani network of experts in many key industries and research disciplines. We are also called on by other consulting groups to be part of their team in completing project work.


Team Commitment

We place an ambitious and challenging environment at our employees' disposal which raises the commitment to our company, to our customers and to our quality standards. On this basis, we foster and cultivate independent and successful employees. Local and foreign private companies, organizations, businessmen, and banks are considered as major clients of UBI Consulting.



UBI Consulting is a leading member of Project Partners, which facilitates public or donor-funded development projects and private investment projects in difficult parts of the world. Which has a superior group members from the US, Hong-Kong, UK, Central Asia, Laos, Pakistan and Thailand.


At the same time for the constrcution supervision projects all over Central Asia and CIS - UBI Consulting is associating with True Engineering Supervision Ltd.

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Brief project news:




UBI Consulting with its partners shortlisted for WB's IDPs Living Standards and Livelihoods Project in Azerbaijan: Consulting Services on Implementation of Income Generation Program.



UBI Consulting is awarded for ADB's Water Supply and Sanitation Services investment program.



UBI Consulting with its partners shortlisted for WB's Preparation of Final Design for Meghri Gravity Irrigation Scheme project.



UBI Consulting with its partners shortlisted for ADB's Transport Network Development Investment Program – Tranche 1 - Additional to Hairatan to Mazar-e-Sharif Railway Project's Railway Operation and Maintenance Consulting/Inspector Services component.



UBI Consulting with its partners shortlisted for IDB's Islamic Microfinance Development Project.


Kyrgyz Republic:

UBI Consulting with its partners shortlisted for ADB's CAREC Corridor 3 (Bishkek-Osh Road) Improvement.


Central Asia:

UBI Consulting with its partners shortlisted for ADB's Midterm Review of the Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy and Implementation Action Plan.


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